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Bootstrap 3.0 – New Year Timed Release



For the last six months Bootstrap made its name as one of the best frameworks ever released. This is not without a cause, the framework includes all the necessary functionalities both developers and regular users need. To switch on the desired option or feature, one needs just to Copy and Paste the relevant code form Bootstrap’s documentation.

Bootstrap showed itself from its best side and raised the bar for other frameworks. But even the best things need to get upgraded, that’s why we are expecting Bootstrap 3.0 to get its stable release.

The frameworks github already dazzles with notes about the 3rd version. Check out Bootstrap’s wiki page to see all alterations.

Most Important Changes

Bootstrap 3 will be rather narrow in focus comparing to the previous update. Its makers are going to drop legacy code, improve responsive CSS, and centralize community efforts. B3 will address the following:

  • Migrate twitter/bootstraptwitter/bootstrap-server, and mdo/bootstrap-blog (currently a private repo) to the twbs organization;
  • Change site URLs to http://getbootstrap.com;
  • Compile all Less code, including responsive styles, into a single CSS file;
  • Drop IE7/FF3x support ENTIRELY;
  • Switch to the MIT license instead of Apache;
  • Drop the *-wip branch style of development;
  • Use tags for all versioned downloads, use smaller feature branches for development work, and merge right into master (after 3.0 launches);
  • No more fluid grids! Fluid grid system, fluid container, and fluid layout are removed. From now on Bootstrap will use percentage widthspadding, and box-sizing;
  • Responsive CSS is no longer separate – responsive features are now compiled into the corebootstrap.css file;
  • Font icons are now converted to Glyphicons v1.7 @font-face, no more old PNGs;
  • …and much more…

What You Need to Know About Bootstrap…or Have

In this blog post you will find most vital information about Bootstrap.


The blog post contains: 11 tutorials, 4 tools and 8 video tuts.


Want to try Bootstrap? Here is a detailed tutorial on how to get started + 10 tools and 10-episode video course on how to cope with this framework.


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Download BootStrep 3.0 From Here : 
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You’ve definitely had some experience with Bootstrap, how about to use comments section and describe it:) We are always glad to hear from you.

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