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UberMenu – Conditionals Extension

UberMenu – Conditionals Extension




This plugin is an extension for UberMenu – WordPress Mega Menu Plugin

UberMenu Conditionals adds the option to conditionally display or hide any item in your UberMenu. It adds a new option to each menu item, where you can select which condition must be met via a select box.


Hidden items will be completely absent from the HTML markup, not hidden via CSS , and all child items of hidden items will be removed as well.

Watch the Demo VideoPredefined conditions include:

  • If user is logged in
  • If user is not logged in
  • If user can [capability]
  • If user cannot [capability]
  • On front page
  • Not on front page
  • On home page (main blog)
  • Not on home page (main blog)
  • On a page
  • Not on a page
  • On a single Post
  • Not on a single Post
  • On a page template
  • Not on a page template
  • On a Category Archive
  • On a Tag Archive
  • On a Taxonomy Archive
  • On an Author Archive page
  • On any archive page
  • On Search Results page
  • On 404 page
  • On a single Page, Post, or Attachment

Parameters can be passed to many of the functions to restrict the condition to a particular post/Page or set of posts/Pages, for example.

Users can also define custom conditions in PHP via a filter. An example and function template is provided in the documentation.


  • WordPress 3.4+
  • UberMenu 2.1+

UberMenu not included; must be purchased separately.

Bandish Patel