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Facebook Wall Script 4.0 Release [TWOI – Script]

Facebook Wall Script 4.0 Release [TWOI – Script]

Introducing the Wall Script 4.0 commercial edition, a rich wall updating script and it’s a collaboration of 9lessons blog tutorials and some Jquery plugins. We added and improved many new features like instant photo uploads , webcam snap, more button, collapsed comments, expanding urls and delete update animations. Don’t miss the video demo. Thanks!

The new Wall Script 4.0 contains six folders called includes,css, icons,js, uploads and profile_pic with PHP files.

— Wall_Updates.php
— db.php //Database connection
— Some Support Files
— wall.js
— jquery.min.js // 1.4.2 version
— jquery.oembed.js
— jquery.wallform.js // Multiple ajax uploads
— jquery.webcam.js
— wall.css
index.php, load_messages.php, load_comments.php, message_ajax.php,comment_ajax.php, delete_message_ajax.php, delete_comment_ajax.php, moreupdates_ajax.php, view_ajax.php, session.php, webcam_image_ajax.php etc..

Note: Expanding URL oembed plugin works with Jquery 1.4.2 problem with Jquery higher versions.

Download Here : Link to Download

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