Posted March 9, 2011 by Bandish Patel in Financial Projects

WORKING CAPITAL MANAGEMENT AND Kalpataru Power Transmission Ltd.


The project work includes information about how KPTL meets its Working Capital needs. Working capital is very important for any company to run its day to day operating activities so it is very important for any company to manage its working capital properly.KPTL meets its working capital needs by borrowing Fund based loans and Non-fund based loans from different banks. Fund based loans include loans like Cash credit, Working capital term loan, Working capital demand loan, Packing Credit, Advance against retention money etc..Whereas Non-fund based loans include Letter of Credit and Bank Guarantee. Generally in any company the requirements of Non-fund based loans is more than Fund based loans. At KPTL Non-fund based loans are of                      whereas Fund based loans are of


The project includes the information about Export Documentation Activities of KPTL. Whenever KPTL goes for any export contract, it is required to submit various documents like Commercial Invoice, Certificate of Origin, Bill Of Lading, Insurance certificate etc. to bank. Then after this documents area sent by the bank to the Importer’s bank. Importer is required to submit thus documents to the port in order to collect the materials.KPTL gets money against these documents.


Working capital is very vast subject. Since we had only two months for training, we were not able to study each and every aspect of Working Capital Management of KPTL









Bandish Patel