Facebook Wall Script 5.0

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Posted January 23, 2013 by Bandish Patel

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Facebook Wall Script 5.0

Facebook Wall Script 5.0

Very Long days back srinivas released a commercial script called Wall Script 4.0, It is a rich Jquery, PHP, MySQL application and collaboration of 9lessons blog tutorials. After many requests I’m releasing Wall Script 5.0 with extra features like friend relations, user authentication, news feed with existing Wall Script 4.0 features and implemented latest Jquery plugins Don’t miss the video demo. Thanks

Database design for Facebook wall script. Contains five tables UsersFriends,MessagesComments and User_uploadsFriends newly added table for friend relations.

What’s New?

Included friends relations, follow and follower system, friends news feed, improved message timestamp using jquery.timeago plugin, tooltips and many more.

Features List
Wall Script 4.0 Wall Script 5.0
Price $19 $29
PHP, MySQL & Jquery PHP, MySQL & Jquery
Instant Image Uploads Yes Yes
Webcam Snaps Yes Yes
Expandable URLs Youtube & Vimeo Yes Yes
Friend’s News Feed No Yes
Profile Feed Yes Yes
Friend Relations No Yes
Follow Button No Yes
Autosuggestion Search No Yes
Friendly URLs No Yes
URL Redrections .htaccess No Yes
Login No Yes
Registration No Yes
More Updates Button Yes Yes
Foreign Language Support Yes Yes
Script Filter Yes Yes
Text to Link Yes Yes
Comments Yes Yes
Timeline Yes Yes
Customization Yes Yes

Note: After the payment is successful, you will get file within 24 hours. If you have any further queries then you can contact on this mail id.

Upgrade: If you already bought Wall Script 4.0, you will get latest Wall Script 5.0 for10$.

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