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Apple Concepts

Apple iView Concept

iView is concept Mac design with curved display that is made for best orientation with the curvature of a human eye. It has a dual-sided display and 2 web-cams on both sides of the display. By Nuno Teixeira.
Apple Concepts

Apple Mac Mini (Slim) Concept Book

Mac Mini is super-slim concept design of the actual Apple Mac Mini. It has all the features of the original machine but is a lot slimmer. Connect the Mac Mini to a Apple LED displays and you will have a powerful Multimedia comp...


How To Speed Up Torrents with Low Seeders

Here’s a ridiculously easy tip to squeeze out as many users as you can on a dead or dying torrent. It’s particularly handy when a torrent stops near the end, and/or the seed count is listed as zero. Having said that, I’ve...

uTorrent: Make Your Own BitTorrent Tracker

If you’ve got a large amount of data to transfer from one place to another, we all know BitTorrent is an extremely efficient way of doing it. But sometimes you may want to transfer data which you don’t want to (or can’t) ...